Monday, March 16, 2009

I Do Have a Brain, and Now Have the Pics to Prove it!

So I haven't written in several days which I realize is the bloggers sin. I was not absent without excuse however, it has been a “crazy” last few days. A week ago Sunday I had some visual disturbances in which I feared were going to lead to blindness, so of course I went into panic mode. Once the vision problem cleared up I then had a massive headache. I thought perhaps it was an ocular migraine, although I have never had one before. I went to the doctor to get it checked out and he sent me for a brain scan since tumors kind of run in the family. Got to love those family genes. Anyway, the scan came back with proof I really DO have a brain (for those who may have thought contrary), but with the possibility there was something there that shouldn't be, so I had to do another scan. All this time I am on Spring Break, suppose to be catching up on the many things I am behind on, but instead I am getting poked and prodded with the fear that I may have a brain tumor lurking in the dark corners of my mind. With the power of prayer and the wonders of technology it turned out to be nothing, however they did see a chronic sinus infection that has to be treated. Perhaps that is the cause of all of these headaches. Still unsure about the vision disturbance.

Now you know what I've been doing, I must share with you a little crazy rant. Shouldn't doctors be like Wal-Mart? I mean they get paid a fair amount of benji's . There should be some type of customer service from the doctor and if the consumer is not satisfied then there should be a complaint center. I know there are many times I would like a refund. It honestly seems my doctor bought his degree on ebay or something and I think I would know as much logging onto WebMD. I have a great respect for doctors who have a great respect for me, but my current doctor is lacking in this department.

On to happier things, I'm still in the process of finding an amazing escape after my release in May. I finally have my cap and gown, except it's too short so I have to take it back and get a longer one. Crazy, right? So if anyone has any ideas on a place to rest, relax, and have the time of my life after graduation, I am open to suggestions. I have considered Hawaii as well as Ireland.

Well that is all for now, until next time you should push refresh over and over because you never know when next time will be! Soon, I promise!


  1. I'm just glad everything turned out okay. :) Love you sis!

    You need to join the party! Go over to my blog and read about the Ultimate Blog Party.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    God bless,

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