Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy Ex's....

Is it just me or does anyone else have an annoying ex? I've never been married, so of course this is an ex boyfriend, but ex husbands count too! Six years ago I met a guy who made me laugh and seemed to know how to make me smile even when I was furious at him, which eventually became all too often. Well isn't that how it always begins...

It didn't take long until humor wore off and that was the only thing he had going for him. He eventually just went crazy on me and after his cheating and abusive behavior I finally (after many break-ups and make-ups) called it quits. It took long enough, about 3 years.

Ever since I broke up with him for the last time around three years ago he has called me. Sometimes he will wait a few months and out of the blue here is a call. It is always the same line, I realize this or I realize that, I want to be friends...blah blah blah. It drives me nuts! I have contemplated changing my number and probably will end up doing just that. I no longer take his calls which I know is a step in the right direction. Every time I did things just ended up in crazy land!

It's sad that people are so crazy they can't just let go and let live. He put me through hell honestly, and I deserve to have some peace.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Farewell to Chinese ....

I took my last trip to the Chinese resturaunt yesterday..
Farewell Chinese food, we have had a good run, but it’s time I let you go. All you do is add unwanted pounds with every trip to the buffet. Saying goodbye is always hard to do, especially when you have known each other for so long…but things must come to an end between us. I wish you the best of luck as I start this new era in life. Perhaps when I reach my first goal I will reward myself with a visit with you...but for now it is farewell.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Life After the Weekend...

Well the weekend has come to an end and now it's Monday...and everyone LOVES Monday right? Yeah, I thought so. The weekend was suppose to be there to get me caught up on everything, but wouldn't you know I have had a sinus headache since Thursday and didn't get a whole lot done.

I'm tired of putting things off. I have a few pounds that need to come off and it seems my health always gets put on the back burner. I am going to commit to a new way of life. Not a diet, because ladies we know those are about as worthless as a degree in underwater basket weaving. No, it's time my health gets priority. No more excuses. I will keep you guys updated on my progess.

I need to get pictures up, I know! But my computer is as slow as molasses! I am hoping to get a new one soon, perhaps for graduation!

I have to go to class now, as much as I would rather stay here with you! So keep checking, as my life continues...not so rich...not so famous...but wit is way better anyway right? Ok...maybe not.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's Get the Party Started... Up In here!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Welcome all Ultimate Blog Party goers!

Hey guys, my name is Jessica but my friends call me Jess or Jessie. I live in the great state of Tennessee, we have a little bit of everything and everyone around here! The landscape is rolling hills, smokey mountains, farm fields and State Parks galore. I love the outdoors, hiking, horseback ridding, and wondering through the world in awe of God's artistry.

I love to shop in Nashville where they have just about anything you are looking for...well except a "husband mart" haven't seen one of those around! I am single, but happily so. That is not to say if the right one comes along I wouldn't be ecstatic, but until then I am more than happy to avoid the craziness of all the wrong guys.

I am a soon to be college graduate, at 28 years old. No, I haven't been in college since HS, lol! I waited until I saved up enough money so that I wouldn't be in tremendous debt when I got out of school. It took about 4 years and all I could stand of Wal-Mart to convince me to go ahead and jump into college.

I've blogged a lot in the past, but never on a site just for blogging, so I am excited to start this new adventure. We all have something in common, we are all going through life and that is what this blog is about...LIFE! I hope that I can share insight, thoughts and experience with you that just may in someway stay with you throughout our short walk together on this landscape! It is intended to make you think, laugh, cry, and see that you are not alone. It is indeed a small world after all, I look forward to getting to know all the new people I can!

My prize picks are
89 — $100 gift card to HomeGoods
given by HG Openhouse

88 –$40 gift certificate to Carrabba's Italian Grill
given by The Divine Miss Mommy

21 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores
given by Agoosa

If those are taken I also like 22, 26, 49, 58, 123, 134 or USC15. Thanks so much!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009
I was over at Faith, Food and Family reading about the Ultimate Blog Party 2009.

This sounds like a lot of fun. Who would like to join me? Click on the banner and learn how you can join too!

I'm excited about this! Let's get ready to PARTY! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Do Have a Brain, and Now Have the Pics to Prove it!

So I haven't written in several days which I realize is the bloggers sin. I was not absent without excuse however, it has been a “crazy” last few days. A week ago Sunday I had some visual disturbances in which I feared were going to lead to blindness, so of course I went into panic mode. Once the vision problem cleared up I then had a massive headache. I thought perhaps it was an ocular migraine, although I have never had one before. I went to the doctor to get it checked out and he sent me for a brain scan since tumors kind of run in the family. Got to love those family genes. Anyway, the scan came back with proof I really DO have a brain (for those who may have thought contrary), but with the possibility there was something there that shouldn't be, so I had to do another scan. All this time I am on Spring Break, suppose to be catching up on the many things I am behind on, but instead I am getting poked and prodded with the fear that I may have a brain tumor lurking in the dark corners of my mind. With the power of prayer and the wonders of technology it turned out to be nothing, however they did see a chronic sinus infection that has to be treated. Perhaps that is the cause of all of these headaches. Still unsure about the vision disturbance.

Now you know what I've been doing, I must share with you a little crazy rant. Shouldn't doctors be like Wal-Mart? I mean they get paid a fair amount of benji's . There should be some type of customer service from the doctor and if the consumer is not satisfied then there should be a complaint center. I know there are many times I would like a refund. It honestly seems my doctor bought his degree on ebay or something and I think I would know as much logging onto WebMD. I have a great respect for doctors who have a great respect for me, but my current doctor is lacking in this department.

On to happier things, I'm still in the process of finding an amazing escape after my release in May. I finally have my cap and gown, except it's too short so I have to take it back and get a longer one. Crazy, right? So if anyone has any ideas on a place to rest, relax, and have the time of my life after graduation, I am open to suggestions. I have considered Hawaii as well as Ireland.

Well that is all for now, until next time you should push refresh over and over because you never know when next time will be! Soon, I promise!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To happy beginnings and crazy endings...

I have completed an extensive inventory of those around me and have come to one conclusion…brace yourself…I know this will come as a complete shock but…there are a LOT of crazy people out there! There are all different degrees and levels of craziness. I know your reading this and your think, yep, I know those people too. I know this because they are indeed everywhere.

Some crazy people I love. My family and my best friend Jac are all kinds of crazy, but they keep life interesting. I’m all sorts of crazy too. We are the passionate, wild, and kooky crazy. Then there are the people whom you would sooner walk barefoot on pavement in the dead heat of summer than to be near. I know your smiling because the image of someone just popped in your mind, don’t deny it!

I guess you should know that in the not so distant future I will be released from prison, otherwise known as the University where I have been at for the past several semesters. I will sit through a few hours of speeches and names being called to receive my liberation, a piece of paper I have worked so hard for. I will go on to serve another sentence to receive yet another piece of paper so that I may counsel people. I know…scary…people’s sanity in my hands. The crazy leading the crazy…is that like the blind leading the blind?

Now, of course, I’m being sarcastic. If you knew me then you would know that I can be very sarcastic, it is my inner comedian. I have a true desire to help and a keen ability to listen. Of course a counselor only helps people help themselves. It is a common misconception that counselors give advice and solve problems…well maybe Dr. Phil does that…but not so much in the office of a counselor.

I say all of that to say, there are only a handful of my colleagues that I would trust with anyone’s mental state. Many of them suffer from severe mental illness themselves. I’ve watched a classmate shout at another classmate because he objected to her idea. I have watched the manipulations of another classmate as she smiles at one person only to stab them in the back as they walk away. It’s like a Friday the 13th movie as you walk through the halls of the psych department. I realize this stuff goes on in the everyday lives of millions everywhere; however these are the ones who will have vulnerable lives in their hands. I think before anyone is able to have that power they should undergo an extensive psychological exam their self.

Well, this concludes my first installment, please stay tuned. I have a 100% money back guarantee on this blog! If you are not completely satisfied with what I have to say then you get all of nothing back!